Courtney Albertini

'Depending on my Wings'

Acrylic on canvas

45cm x 60cm

from Metamorphosis - May 2012

Artist Statement

"Just like how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly,

my artwork shows a young woman

(who is naïve and very childlike)

and a mature adult in the front.

The two women in this painting

are the same person,

but the woman at the front

has changed from her youthful version.

She has butterfly wings

representing that her life has changed

and her whole world has as well,

but in a more dependable way."

- Courtney Albertini, May 2012

Artist Statement

“This artwork called ‘Blood Red’

 symbolizes a young woman

who has lots of natural confidence and life energy.

The colour red represents

fire, blood, heat and power.

It is also the colour of romance,

passion, youth, beauty and emotion

- the colour of soul and heart.

I began painting this artwork

because I was inspired by

using bright colours

as tone to create a face.

I love art (mainly sketching and painting)

because there is

so much chance and variety

in whatever you can make”.

- Courtney Albertini, April 2012

'Red Blood'

Acrylic on canvas

At the opening, Courtney is pictured with her artwork, and her proud mother and grandmother.

from New Works - April/May 2012


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