Rebecca King

'Them Fellas Went Hunting'

acrylic on canvas

from in my heart jelly - October 2013

'Down There - That Way'

Acrylic on canvas

'The Mountains Out That Way'

Acrylic on canvas

Artworks from the exhibition


held 5 - 24 October 2012

'7 way's to be in Love'

'White Haven'

from Wild Dreams September 2011

'Honeymoon' series - parts 1, 2 & 3

Acrylic on canvas

from Don't go all Mary Poppins on Us Now!

September/October 2010


acrylic on canvas


'Love 1'

acrylic on canvas


'Love 2'

acrylic on canvas



veryAbility November/December 2009

This is a family story

About them,

The people in the story,

They are my second family

My RED Inc family.

As an artist

I want to move on

Do more art

About more stories

In Kyogle

It is my time?

My life.

Kerrie - Kaz - Rebecca

Tim - Heart - Fiona

Rin - Ruairi - Jenny

from RED Inc’s 2nd annual exhibition

Any Medium Goes

 - October, 2008

"I'm inspired by natural environments

like the beach and by my pet dog Charlie,"

said Rebecca King,

in the lead up to RED Inc's

Crossing the Bridge

exhibition at the Serpentine,

"I'm also feeling tingly with excitement

and nerves about the opening."

Charlie's influence can be seen in

Rebecca's iconic female image series.

The works pictured here are based on the Mona Lisa and the Madonna -  nursing a pup -

and were part of

Crossing the Bridge in April 2007.