Community Kids' Creations

Yes, the kids also have their hands up to be part of the Serpentine community. During school holidays, local budding artists bring their drawings, sculptures and the other artistic products of their holiday exploits down to the gallery. These artworks adorn walls, windows and display cases for short periods, and hopefully (when we locate the pictures) some of them'll soon be adorning this webpage. Here too will be a selection of photos of the chalk street murals that spontaneously appear at openings.

It's lovely to see the next generation

in our local arts community

feeling free to express their creativity in a public arena.

The Serpentine Community Gallery endeavours to encourage, support and inspire

the younger artists of our community.

'Blutak Portrait of Rin'

by Magenta

- Made at the Serpentine, June 2011

What fun! At its opening in August 2010,

child-friendly exhibition Choose Your Own Adventure

offered both a Creative Kids' Corner inside and

chalk drawing to live music outside.

The opening of Robert Cottam's 2009 solo exhibition

The Everyday saw the kids getting arty with chalk.

In the lead up to our October 2009

Toy exhibition,

the Serpentine Community Gallery

presented a day of

Kids Art Workshops

on Saturday

10th September 2009.

"Nemo in Antarctic Waters corner"

When we held the first Toy exhibition, back in 2007, a local youngster, much inspired by the show

and feeling right at home at this community gallery, checked with the gallery and their mum and dad

 then proceeded to make a number of "fully laden" trips to and from their home

to create this impromptu and greatly enjoyed toy installation.

The art of music - You're never too little to learn.

Young musos get the chance to test their musical talents - 2007.

 Ana Jol answers a few of the little'uns'

technical questions.

Thank-you to all of yo!

u who make it into these pages.


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