Jill Garsden

My artwork arises purely and simply from my love of nature,

of the landscapes, flora and fauna which so enrich my life.

My work is, for me, a meditation on my subjects,

a way of exploring their qualities,

and of expressing my deep appreciation of and gratitude for them.

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'A Matter of Pride'

acrylic on canvas

from Walking in tall grass

- the Serpentine Community Gallery Art Prize exhibition -

November 2014

'Having a Ball'

colour pencil on suede paper

'No Trees, No Me'

acrylic on board

  from the exhibition Reigning Cats and Dogs - April/May 2014

'Girraween Reflections'


from Favourites

February/March 2014

'Time and Tide'

'Realm of the Reef Heron'

acrylic on canvas works

from Soul of Serpentine

October/November 2013

'I, Currawong'


acrylic on board works

from Scarlet - July 2013

'Our Mob's Message'

pastel on colourfix paper

Artist's Statement: 87% of voters in the plebiscite conducted in conjunction with the Lismore local government election

in September 2012 did not support CSG exploration and mining in our region. Community anti-CSG activity,

including marches, surveys, fund-raising concerts, protests, lobbying of politicians, letters to the press and

communication via social media, reinforces the very clear message from our mob that we are locking the gate

to coal and gas companies and their destructive impacts.

As an artist primarily concerned with portraying the natural environment and its fauna – which are of course

highly susceptible to damage from CSG mining – it came naturally to me to symbolize our mob’s message in this painting.

 The attitude of the kangaroos is wary, watchful, and ready for action against threats, as ours is in relation to CSG mining.

Although the protective cellophane cover does little to enhance the painting, I have chosen to present this work unframed

in order to minimize its cost to any potential purchaser, who can then frame it according to their own preference.

After deducting costs associated with materials and presentation, all money derived from the sale of this painting

will be donated to support further research into the effects of CSG.

from CSG - the exploration: An Artist's Dialogue

April 2013

'Here's lookin' at you!'

pencil on paper

'Silent Witness'

pastel on paper

'To The Victor The Spoils'

acrylic on board

from Animalistic

February/March 2013


acrylic on board