Sandra Rubbo

From the 14th to the 27th October 2015,

local artist Sandra Rubbo presents her first solo exhibition

"Smoke Signals".

The opening celebration will take place on

Saturday 17th October 2015, 5-7pm.

"Smoke Signals" is a commentary on contemporary

issues that Sandra feels strongly about. She is a recent SCU Visual Arts graduate, and is mostly concerned

about environmental degradation.

 “However,” Sandra says, “everything environmental is now also a political, social and economical issue that needs to

be communicated and kept in the forefront of public consciousness.”

For most of these works, Sandra captures smoke residue

on to paper, a method she is continuing to experiment with.

'Wild Flowers In Vase'

smoke residue & pencil on paper

'Celebration 2'

smoke residue on paper


graphite & acrylic on paper

'Dear Minister at Women's Affairs

 - Look what you’ve done to this place'

Mixed Media on Paper

from Place - Serpentine Community Gallery Art Prize

August 2015