Mixed Bag of Goodies

Brendan McCumstie - Mixed Bag of Goodies

from Mixed Bag of Goodies,

- a selection of works by Brendan McCumstie -

  March 2007

'Who Rights History'


Acrylic print and lightbox


"As I recall, Mixed Bag of Goodies

 was simply to fill the gallery for a few weeks during an unplanned changeover window.

Technically it wasn't an "exhibition" in what I would consider the truest sense of the word...

but a number of works were exhibited including the light box 'Who Rights History',

along with two large charcoal drawings - one of an empty bed and one of a church - displayed in the front windows.

Beyond that I can't totally remember what was shown."

- Brendan McCumstie, October 2010

* Sometimes exhibitions are cancelled at the last minute for unforeseen reasons

...possibly what happened at this time...

The ability to mount an "exhibition" of any sort at a moment's notice is something very special,

and much appreciated by the Serpentine Community Gallery.

- Many thanks to you Brendan! *


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