Scarlet '09

Members - Scarlet '09

5th JUNE 2009: Opening of 'Scarlet',

the third annual erotic art exhibition

held at Serpentine Gallery,

on Friday, at 6pm.


'Scarlet' exposes the sensual artworks

of local artists

at Lismore’s community gallery.

It explores sensations and primal instincts,

sex and love,

erotica and titillation

through the eyes

and talents of the artists.

Opening night will feature a show of erotic art and sensual performance. Hmm.

'On the Ball' - photographic artwork

by Emma Burrows


by Emma Burrows

 'Standing Figure' - Jan '09

Charcoal on paper

by Sho Wakejima

'Venus' 2009

Charcoal, conte and pen on paper

by Sho Wakejima

'Colour Field'

Oil on canvas by Shane Duniam

'Tuesday Evening Life Drawing

@ the Serpentine'

'The Lovely Edda'

'Edda Carmelax'