The Artworks

Portraits of inspirational identities by Northern Rivers artists

now gracing the gallery walls as part of the

Salon des Refuses,

on view from the 29th April until 3rd June 2011.

  'Eureka Gold'

Eric Gallagher

by Carol Gray


Artist Statement

I met the now 96 year old Eric Gallagher

almost 20 years ago in Eureka,

where his family were among

the original pioneers of the area.

Sharing the wealth of his experiences

and honouring me with his friendship,

he has greatly influenced my life.

Eric was born in 1915 at Eureka

and lived almost all his long life there.

He was a dairy farmer and cattle man

but his passion was wood turning.

Up until his late 80's he was still

hand making beautiful things from

the teak and cedar he found on his land,

and riding his horse down to check to creek.

He and his wife Marion

have lived the last 3 years in Alstonville.

I have painted him with his workshop,

the old saws his tools of trade.

The portrait has been framed

with the old wooden panels

also featured in the background.

Eric is the living history of the Northern Rivers.

I was inspired to enter the Northern Rivers Portrait competition by Eric Gallagher himself,

his failing health urged me to capture his spirit

with an artistic connection.

- Carol Gray 201

'Night Nurse'

Masako Miyao

by Hazel Mary Cope

Oils on canvas


Artist Statement

Often undervalued and underpaid the professional nurse

is rarely portrayed in the arena of visual arts.

Masako Miyao did her Bachelor of Nursing Science

degree at the University of Southern Queensland

and now works at Hopewell Hospice,

Arundel on the Gold Coast.

 Her progression into working

as a palliative care nurse

has been a natural one.

As a teenager,

Masako was greatly moved

while watching a documentary of

Mother Teresa caring for the dying

on the streets of Calcutta.

However during her postgraduate year

she was disturbed and saddened

by the highly technical interventions performed

to keep people alive at all costs.

'Dying is a natural process', she says.

Masako has a special gentleness and grace

and being of a highly sensitive nature

has a natural ability

to perceive patients' needs

 when they are at their most vulnerable.

This makes her a valuable member

of the nursing team at Hopewell Hospice and

a living angel to those patients in her care.

- Hazel Mary Cope 2011

'Making Waves'

Artist Statement

I painted my daughter Jackie Brown in this setting

as the situation is representativve of a childhood of surfing, and

the fluidity and freedom felt in a sometimes difficult environment.

As a young Queer disabled woman Jacki is constantly

 struggling against the ignorance and stereotypical views

imposed upon her from a broader society.

 Her intelligent articulation of the complex issues

surrounding her life and the life of others

  struggling outside the 'norm',

 is of an incredible value to myself,

her friends and the community.

This painting, in a physical and a metaphorical way,

captures her breaking through with the exhilaration

that comes by pushing the boundaries

of both the liquid and social mediums,

which at times can be unpredictable and unforgiving,

yet also uplifting and supportive.

- Sue Brown 2011

'Making Waves'

Jackie Brown

by Sue Brown



'Richard in Manland'

by Christine Read



Artist Statement

This is a painting

of my husband Richard

with his toys

outside his shed


Artist Statement

Donovan Miller is a highly energetic and dedicated musician,

with strong roots buried deep in the heart of the Northern Rivers.

His music encapsulates the fractured displacement

of a young mind in mourning.

Donovan has been heavily involved in the Lismore music scene

for most of his life and is now based

both in Brisbane and the Northern Rivers.

Donovan has influenced and provoked my creative thought,

through his charismatic energies and ideas which are both supportive

and on track with current trends in contemporary art.

The decision to paint Donovan’s portrait came both quickly and easily

but the difficulty in choosing Donovan came with

the subtleties of emotion that needed to be conveyed.

Being someone that holds both a public and private persona

in the extremes of introversion and extroversion, I wanted to capture

the sense of fractured realities that Donovan brings to life in his music.

Through Donovan’s creativity and diligence to the arts he is of great value

to the local community and because of this I feel humbled and privileged to have been involved in the processes of painting a friend.

- Vincent Gates 2011