Home Sweet Home

Members of Blue Knob, Roxy & Serpentine galleries - Home Sweet Home

3rd AUGUST 2012: Opening of

Home Sweet Home

on Friday at 6pm.

Home Sweet Home

 is a collective exhibition

which explores

the feeling of Home.

Based in the beautiful Northern Rivers,

three galleries have got together

to bring to the public

an exhibition by members of

Blue Knob Gallery,

  Roxy Gallery

and the Serpentine.

After twelve months of discussion and planning, they are proud to present Home Sweet Home.

Whether human, bird or animal, home is where the heart/hearth is.

With artists involved from three local but different areas, we look forward to an interesting and

stimulating exhibition with some heartfelt and creative interpretations of the theme.

We live in such a lovely region, a place many of us have chosen to call home,

and this exhibition aims to celebrate that which is 'Home' in all its forms.

A first for the three galleries,

Home Sweet Home

is a show which highlights,

and will strengthen,

the fantastic networks

between our local Northern Rivers galleries,

and the cooperation experienced

in our local arts community.

Here's to continuing to build

a strong and diverse arts community

in our beautiful region.

The exhibition will travel out to Blue Knob,

opening there at 6.30pm

on Friday the 31st August,

and be on view until

the 21st of October 2012.

Family friendly events. Light refreshments will be available.

The art

'Home and Heart Mandala'

Artist Statement:

'The Mandala is an ancient mystical

and sacred symbol of the universe.

Classically in the form of a circle (the cosmos)

enclosed in a square (Earthbound matter).

Mandalas are used for meditation, contemplation,

healing and visual pleasure.

Mandalas are perceived as sacred spaces which,

by their very presence in the world remind us of

the immanence of sanctity in the universe.

The context of the Mandala is to follow the ‘Peaceful Path’.

To gain understanding of things by becoming calm and centred and to discover that divinity resides within your own self.

This is a one only original Mandala.

Designed, created and painted by the artist.

No computer was used.'

by Sandra Rix Joran

'Inheritance Mother 2007'

'Inheritance Father 2007'

by Jenny Kitchener

'Gumnuts and Poppies'

Acrylic on canvas

by Rodney Brown

'Morning Sunlight'

Acrylic on canvas

by Deborah Brown

'Circles of Life'

Oil on canvas