Danielle Latta: Frames in Time - Australia, 1916 till Now

Serpentine has a wonderful exhibition coming up opening on the 11th of April 2014 at 2pm.

 “Frames in time – Australia, 1916 to now

The photographic images are largely a collective of one man, Reginald Latta,

and an expression of his connection to Australia, spanning across 97years.

Reg shares his photographic passion with me, his daughter, Danielle B Latta.

And together, through this exhibition we hope you are able to take a little journey with us.

Enjoy rare glimpses of life from 1916 through life in the 60’s right up to now,

and indulge in an exploration of this great land and some of what it has to offer...

Reginald Latta

A man in his own element,

when touring the Australian countryside.

Reg spent his early years in Sydney,

and developed a love for travelling

 from adventures with his friends.

Motorbike rides across the countryside,

 to beaches, football games,

all the way down to Bathurst for the races,

 and always with a camera in hand.

It’s all about capturing the moment,

and while image quality was hard to achieve

 for the average Australian in the early years,

Reg managed to capture some wonderful frames in time.

Once leaving Sydney, his main exploration began,

travelling the country with a 22ft caravan

and 6 kids in tow.

Later, with loving wife Trish,

 they were very rarely home,

and enjoyed spending their time

travelling the Australian countryside.

 Completing a whole lap of this fine country,

 and over the years they must have touched down,

in just about every town in this great land.

I hope you enjoy

some of these shared personal moments,

and come on a journey with Reg.

-  Danielle Latta, April 2014

Gallery gift shop window view

"Frames In Time" window view

Images: from Facebook 11 April 2014, by Tony Batchelor