John Champion

'Pearl' and 'Spark'

SLR photography

95 x 95 cm

'Pearl' - The naked light globe enticed me to photograph it since it has always represented to me:

Beginnings and ends ... light and dark .... and the eerie emptiness of environments.

Here we have a light bulb clearly switched on (underlined) ..... Yet shedding no light.

This stark piece, which is undeniably minimal with perhaps a hint of dadaism leaves space in it's blackness

for this ordinary lightbulb to become a pearl.

'Spark' -  Almost identical to 'Pearl', with the addition of the artist's handwriting a more personal

effect is achieved but still places the work well in the realm of classical post-modernism.

Since completing these work, the subject of light bulbs has appeared in the nations headlines

and could perhaps represent an icon of a disappearing artifact.

from 2010 AD

February 2010


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