Members (and Community) - Toy

5th OCTOBER 2007: Opening night of


at the Serpentine Community Gallery

on Friday, from 6pm.

An evening of playfulness,

games, performances and puppetry

was enjoyed by those attending this opening.

All were welcome

to attend and also to perform.

'Interchangeable Heads'

Board, oil and fabric

Melanie Vanaria Jamieson

"My art is my personal expression that is connected to relationships and experiences in my life;

a place to work through what I feel. I prefer reused materials as they hold character

(and too many resources are wasted)."

'TAFL' - ceramic boardgame by Mark Garrett

'We'd Make Great Pets' -mixed media by Amelia Ahern

'A Bouquet for Skeletor'

spray paint on board

Ruairi Gallagher

"Skeletor rules.

Intergalactic domination

is cool!"


digital photograph        

Emma Burrows        

'Antarctic Waters Corner'


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