Michelle Gilroy


oil on canvas

from Woman - In all her forms

March 2017


oil on canvas

from Miniatures - December 2016/January 2017


oil on canvas

'The Dreamers'

oil on canvas

artworks from Decadence

- A celebration of 10 Years of Art and Community - November/December 2016


oil on canvas

Artist's Statement



Contemplation is about the realisation

of what would happen if the CSG industry

takes its hold on this beautiful region

and the effect it would have on the environment.

Wandering in the haze of reflection

and feeling the need to protect our land and water

from its devastating effects.

In the surreal landscape with a dream like quality

 the figure is pondering the meaning of life

 and the consequence of taking the

basic needs of life for granted.

- Michelle Gilroy, 2013

'Moonlight at the Sacred Well'

oil on canvas

Artist's Statement

'Moonlight in the sacred well'

Bathed in moonlight the figure gazes out

as if to stare at the moon, which is not shown.

 This painting is a venture into the sacred aspects of water

and its connecting influence with the feminine elements

that sustain and enthrall my soul.

 Within what I find is a spiritual aspect

 there is also a practical reflection

 not just of the sacred

 but the immediate fundamental necessity

 of clean air, water, and soil.

 The figure is glowing in the moonlight

 having been healed and replenished

 by the life giving vessel

that is this sacred element.

- Michelle Gilroy, 2013 

from the exhibition

CSG - the exploration: An Artist's Dialogue

held in April 2013