Creative Exchange @ Lismore Show

Members - Creative Exchange @ Lismore Show

21st - 23rd OCTOBER 2010: As part of the 125th North Coast National Exhibition

this year the Lismore Show's program features

a Creative Exchange hosted by the Serpentine Community Gallery.

Our undercover stall has a great spot,

right near the main entertainment tent,

where we can all get creative.

The Serpentine

Creative Exchange @ Lismore Show

will be a great artistic hub with:

• workshops

• demonstrations

• artists of many styles in action

• art for sale

• gallery members to chat to about the gallery

  and what we do/sign up new members

By running a Creative Exchange @ Lismore Show

gallery members hope to engage the public eye,

promote our art,

share our skills

and show the greater community

 just what we do.

 Emma Burrows will run workshops

- experimental and open to interpretation -

for little or no cost to the public,

with materials provided being random bits

she has collected over time,

or that have been donated.

Our Creative Exchange @ Lismore Show

will be an interactive space

 providing support, and inspiration.

We anticipate lots of activity and good vibes.

So be inspired

and take this opportunity to

come on down to the 2010 Lismore Show

to play and create with us.

Creative Kid's Corner was a hit at the Choose Your Own Adventure opening in August 2010.

From the gallery's A Paper Trail project - Altered Books workshop

held in September 2010

Everyone is encouraged to bring along

any art or craft materials that they might like to create with themselves,

or - perhaps if those art supplies are just gathering dust somewhere - to donate to

the Serpentine Community Gallery and its Creative Exchange @ Lismore Show.

After much

inspirational work,

the cafe-arts-hub is all set up and ready to go.

Stage one complete, installers/creators

Bek Webster, Emma Burrows and James Smythe take a moment to prepare for stage two

 - running the cafe, organising/running workshops, making give-away sample bags from

recycled materials, chatting

with members of the public........

  Before getting creative and sharing skills, member

Claire Chatfield investigates our temporary gallery.