It Is Political

Members - It Is Political

2nd MAY 2008: Opening of

It Is Political,

an exhibition by gallery members,

at the Serpentine Community Gallery

on Friday, from 6pm.

This second annual political exhibition

showcases the diverse political expressions

of local artists.

Come on down to the Serpentine,

enjoy the opening

and the art of

It Is Political

with poetry

plus circus performance

with a political bent,

and a little bit of wine,

of course.

For more info,

contact the gallery on 6621 6845.

'Military Intelligence' - digital image

by Skot Jenkin

"A reaction to the last decade of bollocks,

lies and death we have been force-fed by

aggressive imperial governments and

their media partners."

'Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice'

by Naomi Fisher

"It's a portrait of two refugee girls. I'm

exploring the idea of desensitisation of a

personal story and the effects of politics on

the journeys of individuals."

'I Drive Dodgem Cars'

by Carolyn Carey

"This piece is about me not driving yet

(being over 30), and the pride I feel

having a lighter ecological footprint so far."


by Bianca Patruno

"A senseless slaughter took place on

the riverbank. The indigenous people who

resided there were shot for sport.

This deeply affected and disgusted me."


 by John  Smith

"'Chairperson' is a playfully satirical

swipe at bureaucracy and the stereotypical

 bureaucrat who is of course a tortured,

egotistical maniac."



by Phillip Lawler

"This sculpture

is about violence

and humiliation,

and the suffering

 experienced by

victims of violence."


17 Bridge St, North Lismore, NSW, 2480.

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