Nicky Atta-Singh

'Dancing Devil Woman'

'Party with Dinosaurs'

from Wild Dreams

September 2011

'I Miss My Grandparents'

Mixed media

'Things Are Crazy'

Mixed media

from Don't go all Mary Poppins on Us Now!

September/October 2010

'Pizza, snakes & apples, the snakes ate the pizzas'

- colourfast textile markers on cotton tea towel

Nicky Atta-Singh explores the Gastronomic theme of

'the art and science of food' in this piece from

 The Tea Towel Exhibition held in July 2010.

Artworks from Beyond Logic and Reason

- a RED Inc exhibition held at the

Serpentine Community Gallery in July/August 2009.

Nicky Atta-Singh's painting - bottom row 2nd from right -

was one of these colourful artworks which brought

the gallery to life during RED Inc's

Any Medium Goes exhibition in October 2008.


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