5.8.11 Dark Night of the Soul

Members - Dark Night of the Soul

5th AUGUST 2011: Opening of

Dark Night of the Soul

- a group exhibition of artworks by gallery members -

on Friday from 6pm.

This is an exhibition

where artists

express and question

their beliefs,

their religion, 

the rituals in their life,

their spirituality

or their connection to the Earth.

Opening night will feature

an open mic segment

where you are invited to share some

of your dark nights of the soul

through spoken word or poetry.

Drinks and nibbles

 will also be available.

Artists Shaun C Murphy and Jennifer Harnett (above), and Corinne Batt-Rawden, Heidi  Keevers and Celestine Fedley (right)

celebrate the opening of

Dark Night of the Soul.

Opening night

performances included:

poetry by Wera Teves

and an original beat-box

presentation by some of the

younger artists

in our community.

'Murder in the Dark'

Mixed media

'The human obsession with the macabre begins early.

Remember the thrill when the lights go out in the room,

waiting for the murderer to strike.'

'Needena Kelly (Ned’s Sister)'

Mixed media

by Trevor Thomas