Cie-aryne Asling

left and above: untitled works in pencil and pen

artworks from the exhibition

in my heart jelly

held in October 2013

'The Two Meet'

acrylic on canvas

'New Foal is Born: The Daughter of Spirit'

Acrylic, posca pen on canvas

Artist statement: 'The daughter of Spirit and Rain - her name is Storm.

Spirit's first born foal was seen from many eyes of wild horses, this little girl's future will show her

that soon she will be the true leader of Cimarron herd, like her mother and father before her.

She will become a great legend. Her father Spirit was a born leader and the first born mustang

to ever rule the plains of the west. He met her mother Rain, a beautiful Indian-American paint horse,

this stallion and mare grow a strong bond with each other. Spirit fell deeply in love with Rain

and that's when they had the foal forever known as 'The Daughter of Spirit.'

- Cie-aryne Asling, October 2012

'The Gothic Dragon'

Acrylic and posca pen on canvas

Artist statement: 'The gothic dragon is a symbol of yin and yang,

although his kind perished years ago from man slayers. He is the last of his kind and his entire life

has been spent in shadow and guilt. His siblings were killed by man and used for food and money,

so with rage he burnt all in his path. He scattered skeletons and bones all over the dead field of grass as for revenge.

 He was so overcome by rage and evil that this gothic looking creature had no care for nature anymore and dreaded other animals.

The animals were frightened of him and avoided him at all times.

They called him 'Terror of the skies'. His real name is Gothic Magic.'

- Cie-aryne Asling, October 2012

Artworks from the exhibition


held 5 - 24 October 2012


17 Bridge St, North Lismore, NSW, 2480.

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