Two exciting new exhibitions

open this week at the gallery.

They are


by photographers

Meredith Adams and Dave Wainwright,

and Lucas Wright's 'Solo Exhibition'.


is a joint exhibition by two Lismore artists,

Meredith Adams and Dave Wainwright.

Both use the camera as their mode of expression;

however, their approach is quite different.

Dave is inspired by the natural world;

while Meredith focuses more on people and relationships.

Together, they provide a holistic

and interesting interpretation of

"life, the universe, and everything".

Opening Celebration:

21 November 2014,

starting at 5pm.

Come along and join in the festivities

- it should be a great night!

The two exhibitions run from 21 - 27 November.

'Green Eyes'

'Blue Eyes'

'Blonde Conte'

by Meredith Adams

'Girl with the Apple Macintosh'

by Meredith Adams


by David Wainwright


'Three Little Dickie Birds'


by David Wainwright