Two exciting new exhibitions

open this week at the gallery.

They are


by photographers

Meredith Adams and Dave Wainwright,

and Lucas Wright's 'Solo Exhibition'.


is a joint exhibition by two Lismore artists,

Meredith Adams and Dave Wainwright.

Both use the camera as their mode of expression;

however, their approach is quite different.

Dave is inspired by the natural world;

while Meredith focuses more on people and relationships.

Together, they provide a holistic

and interesting interpretation of

"life, the universe, and everything".

Opening Celebration:

21 November 2014,

starting at 5pm.

Come along and join in the festivities

- it should be a great night!

The two exhibitions run from 21 - 27 November.

'Green Eyes'

'Blue Eyes'

'Blonde Conte'

by Meredith Adams

'Girl with the Apple Macintosh'

by Meredith Adams


by David Wainwright


'Three Little Dickie Birds'


by David Wainwright

'Grinning Man 1'

'Grinning Man 2'

'Grinning Man 3'

by Meredith Adams