Signs of Habitation

'Signs of Habitation'

- a solo exhibition by

Helen Creed

29 July - 11 August 2015

Helen says about her work:

"When my daughter was three, she had a book called

'a house is a house for me'.

It played with the notion of house,

so that the house of a tube of toothpaste is a cardboard box,

and in turn the tube of toothpaste is home to the toothpaste

(I don't know if anyone asked the toothpaste

if it was at all aspirational).

Although I am doing my bit

and providing housing for both good and bad bacteria,

finding a house for me doesn't seem to be as cut and dried.

My work looks at what might constitute a house for me,

just who I might be sharing it with,

and what are the signs of habitation".

Opening night celebration for

'Signs of Habitation':

Thursday 30 July 2015, 6-8PM