Yes Please

Members - Yes Please

20th JULY 2012: Opening of the group exhibition

Yes Please,

on Friday at 6pm.

This presentation by local emerging artists

of some of their latest artworks for 2012

will take place in Gallery 2.

At the same time, Gallery 1 features Paula Sinclair's first solo exhibition

For The Love Of Women.

Come and meet some of the artists and share in the refreshments.


Exhibition set-up:

As Corinne Batt-Rawden hangs artworks and

Kane Bowman checks

and replaces lightbulbs,

Jennifer Harnett readies

more works for the show.

'Earthly Delights'

by Kane Bowman

Works from her

'Beetles' series

by Jennifer Harnett

'Marion Halcombe'

Oil on wood

by Kane Bowman



(detail right)

by Alan Ussher

'Powder Burns in a Firebox'


by Bo Thomas

'The Devil & My Daughter'


by Beauden Eldridge

'Tranquility 3'

Framed print

by Scott Whittingham


Acrylic on perspex

by Marie-Lise Laviolette