Please Explain

A group show entitled

"Please Explain"

opens on Friday the 23rd of June 2017, at 6pm,

This exhibition explores the political climate

and current issues through the eyes of local artists.

On view until the 18th of July 2017.


is a term most of us are familiar with,

however its origins and entry into

the contemporary Australian lexicon

is irrelevant in this context,

and the term does not have to be interpreted

as political. It has been chosen as a satirical

and/or serious theme to provide artists

with the opportunity to explore any and all

current issues in any creative manner

 and medium of their choosing.


Open to artists of the Northern Rivers.

An invitation to have your say.

Get it off your chest.

Share your views.

In a world of uncertainty

let's get some clarity.

Please bring your works to the gallery

by Tuesday the 20th of June.

We are living in times with broad struggles

from basic human rights to earth rights during times of narrow streams of media.

 The voices of artists throughout history document, interpret and comment on the political climate.

 This will be an interesting exhibition of interesting times. The theme is broad

 and our artists' interpretations, collectively, will create a story, an overview of the world as we see it.

The Artworks

'Four Horsemen'

oil on canvas

by Michael Clifton

'Lovely Neighbourhood'

'One of Our Greatest Achievements'

acrylic on canvas works by Michael Chapus

'Please Ignore Me 1'

clay, cloth, rabbit fur (detail right)

by Benny Saunders

'Venus Speaks and Mars Rises'

acrylic and inks

'Fractured Media'

oil and lacquer

works by Ken Swan