From Farm Punk to Plinth

From the 5th to the 31st of October 2016

local sculptor Franco Girardi


"From Farm Punk to Plinth".

For the duration of this solo show,

the Serpentine's

Gallery 2 will showcase

a fascinating selection of

costumes, 'weapons'

installations and lots more.

Together with

graphic designer and illustrator

Dougal Binns's solo exhibition

"Take Shape",

an opening night celebration

will take place on Friday

14th October 2016, from 6pm.

All welcome.

Franco Girardi sheep shear artworks @ Nimbin Spring Arts Festival 2014

Image: Nimbin GoodTimes

"My art is storytelling with rust!

Sheep shears make up

about eighty percent of my work,

it's my trademark.

I cable tie or wire my works together

 so it's forever changing,

it keeps my growing fan base curious.

I see my art as window dressing.

My subject matter is

life, love, yin yang,dark and light."

- Franco Girardi,

September 2016

'Helmet and Sword'

1st October 2016: As Franco Girardi began to mount his solo show at the Serpentine, fellow artist Dougal Binns

dropped in to give a helping hand, discuss their individual approaches to art, and plan a combined opening celebration.

Constructed in situ: Over the next few days Franco Girardi's exhibition comes together beautifully.

The Artworks

'Self portrait'



Sheep shear assembly