Shaun C Murphy


Shaun C Murphy has a background in photographic darkroom processes and the conceptual ideas

he developed through this work launched his artistic career. As well as black and white film work,

he has produced logo designs and has taught drawing, painting and watercolour.

Since 1993 Shaun has lived on the Far North Coast of NSW. In 2000, he completed a Fine Arts

course at Lismore North Coast Institute of TAFE. His recent works explore the dynamics

between individuals, both alone and within group situations and group mentalities.

'Watching the Ice Melt'

oil on canvas

from It's the Little Things - December 2015

'Prunus spinosa sloe'

oil on canvas

'Tearing the Sky over Tuntable Creek'

oil on canvas

artworks from Ochre

October/November 2015

From the 2nd to the 15th September 2015 the Serpentine Community Gallery

was the venue

for the solo show

'28 Years Through Time and Space'

- Shaun C Murphy:

A Retrospective.

The artworks in this exhibition

cover subjects such as

Lismore landmarks,

 psychological and social issues,

and curved-space interiors.

During these dates,

local artist Alana Grant

also exhibited her solo show

'Words Form'

 in Gallery Two



Artworks from the July 2015 exhibition

Monday Night Nude

'The Joys of Displacement'

Oil on canvas

Courtesy The Channon Gallery

'The Sanctuary, Pre-lumber'

Oil and silicon on canvas

Courtesy The Channon Gallery

'Potential home owners vie for position

as interest in this property grows'

Oil and silicon on canvas

Courtesy The Channon Gallery

'On A Warm Tuesday Morning

The Future Arrived'

Oil and silicon on canvas

Courtesy The Channon Gallery

artworks from Moving - June 2015