7.1.11 Treasure in the Queerest Places

Tropical Fruits - Treasure in the Queerest Places

7th JANUARY 2011: Opening of Tropical Fruits'

Treasure in the Queerest Places exhibition on Friday from 7pm.


- the Tropical Fruits 22nd Festival Art Exhibition theme for 2010 -

calls out to all the wonderfully creative Queer Artists to engage and reflect on TREASURE!


might be something which is valued, prized...

a place...

an object...

a time...

a person...

a value...

a way of being afforded

a special place of yearning

or of gravitas in our hearts...

something which is found,

uncovered, revealed,

sometimes unexpectedly, by surprise,

at other times after long striving

and struggle...

sometimes shared with others,

a common weal...

at others our own personal journey,

our treasure trove....

a chest,


buried by art and nature...

Treasure is what you make it,

where you find it… 

Held annually at Lismore showground,

the Tropical Fruits

New Year's Eve Art Exhibition

aims to showcase the enormous

diversity and talent of GLBT artists,

as well as provide an opportunity

for local and interstate artists

to collaborate and communicate

with each other and potential clients.

Selected artworks will be moving

to the Serpentine Community Gallery,

Bridge St, North Lismore

where they will be exhibited in

Treasure in the Queerest Places.

The opening celebration

will be held on 7th January 2011,

and everyone is invited to attend.

This extension to

TREASURE the Exhibition...

will be on view

at the Serpentine Community Gallery

until Friday 29th January 2011.

Artworks are hung ready for the Serpentine's first exhibition for 2011

Treasure in the Queerest Places.

Opening night in full swing as an art-loving crowd enjoys Tropical Fruits' 'treasures'.

'Gemini' - Print on paper

from Matthew Sansom's twelve part work

"The Zodiac Series"

  winner of the exhibition's People's Choice Award

 'The Tiger Ride'

75 x 50 cm

Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas

  by Matthew Sansom


Acrylic on canvas

by Leigh Arnold

'Pink Planets 1, 2, 3 and