Bo Thomas

Bo Thomas

is an exponent of what is known as

'Outsider Art' (Art Brut).

He is inspired by ornamental designs

but tries to convey a subtle message

often of mystery.

Through his aquarelle paintings,

Bo Thomas is telling stories,

sometimes stories of sadness and despair,

but mostly of happiness and kindness.

Bo Thomas lives in the Northern Rivers of NSW.

May 2016: page updated with a small selection of Bo's often thought-provoking ink and watercolour artworks.

'The Horse has no head, the Horse has no tail,

the Horse is no Horse' - 2013

Ink and watercolour

- on view during the exhibition

Animalistic - feb/march 2013

'Petulia and the Raindance'

'Doris and the Russian Emperors'

'Powder Burns'

'The Stationmaster and the Time of Plenty'

works (above) exhibited during Everything Old is New Again

 held in February 2016

'The man who built the world'

'The Stationmaster and the Time of Plenty'

'Powder Burns in a Fire Box' Watercolour

from Yes Please

July 2012

'Two Camels make one Heart'


'The Storyteller'


'When my Mother died'




'How to find my mum'