Soul of Serpentine

The gallery is turning 7.

So we are having a party,

and celebrating with an exciting exhibition

- 'Soul of Serpentine' -

by the artists who have donated time and energy

to the running of our local community gallery during this time.

Over the years we have many great artists

come out of their studios and start to exhibit their works.

Some have progressed on to private galleries

and esteemed galleries like

The Channon Gallery, Lismore Regional Gallery,

Gold Coast Galleries, Tweed Regional and abroad.

Serpentine has provided a platform for artists to go public

as well as network with other artists, sharing skills and resources.

There are many great artists exhibiting at the Serpentine.

This is to be celebrated. :)

You and your friends are invited to attend the opening

on Friday the 25th of October 2013, at 7pm.

If you like to bake, bring some cake or party food.

It's a birthday party after all.

Cheese and Wine available.

The artworks


oil on canvas

by Janelle Buckley

'The Disturbance'

oil on canvas

by Kane Bowman


mixed media

by Claire Chatfield

'Cat Sitting'


by Ray Moller


acrylic on canvas

by Genevieve Mortison

'The Elephant'


by Ray Moller

'Moonlight Troll'

oil on board

by Lindsay Hunt

 'Naked Light'


by Michael Clifton