Ich hab dich leib Arnold Böcklin's 'Isle of the Dead'

Opening at Lismore’s Serpentine Community Gallery

on Friday 27th January 2017, from 7pm,

local artist Lindsay Hunt presents a solo show in two parts.


In gallery 1, his latest body of work

- “Ich hab dich leib (platonic love for)

Arnold Böcklin's ‘Isle of the Dead'

- is inspired by the 19th century Swiss symbolist’s

 influential series of paintings. Speaking of his first

 encounter with this work, Lindsay commented,

Although I was very young at the time I still retain

an echoing impression, haunting and almost cinematic.”

While in gallery 2,

Celebrating 25 years as an exhibiting artist

will provide exhibition goers with a thoughtfully

selected range of works created throughout

this contemporary Australian artist’s career.

'500 years'

mixed media

Trained in his home city of Sydney and in London at the Royal College of Art, Lindsay Hunt creates works in a number of media including oil, acrylic, ink, pastel,

charcoal and pencil, as well as using print techniques including woodcut and drypoint etching. The content of his work is varied, with themes drawn from personal experience and perceptions of the world - and often strongly expressed in work that is satirical and darkly poetic.

Based in the Lismore region since the late 1990s,

Lindsay has led a rich life that has seen training

in both the visual arts and in architecture.

His interests extend further however,

with two threads that seem to dominate

 - ancient history, including written language, hieroglyphics and the cursive scripts of ancient civilisations,

and injustice in all of its forms

from backyard bullies to the subjugation

by those in power, not least, 'The Establishment'.

He has taught extensively in the disciplines of

Art and Design at a number of Australian tertiary institutions and has exhibited extensively

in well-known galleries in Sydney,

regional NSW, Brisbane and Melbourne.

 His work is held in private and corporate collections

in Australia, and private collections in London.

Everyone is welcome to attend the opening celebration.

Light refreshments will be available.

Prior to the opening, Guy Ingram checks artwork labels

Lindsay Hunt (right) and friends

In Gallery 1, “Ich hab dich leib (platonic love for) Arnold Böcklin's ‘Isle of the Dead'"

- a series of ink, charcoal and acrylic on board works created during 2016 and 2017.